What is Alpha Chi Omega?

Alpha Chi Omega is, at its core, an organization built by and for real strong women.

Back when America was getting used to the notion that women belonged in college at all, the dean of DePauw’s School of Music, Professor James Hamilton Howe, invited seven of his female students to form a women's society within the school. Those women, our founders, took professor Howe's suggestion a step further and formed a women's fraternity, only the sixth of its kind in the country on October 15th, 1885

What is the Real Chic Women Fashion Show?

There are two benefactors of the Real Chic Women Fashion Show, The Women's Center of Tarrant County, and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. The Tarrant County Women's' Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to being a hub of resources for survivors of domestic violence.  The money we raise through donations goes directly to The Women's Center of Tarrant County to provide essential services and raise awareness of the problem right here in Fort Worth. They provide a wide variety of services including rape crisis and victim services, violence education and prevention and general counseling. Over the past five years, the Iota Lambda chapter of Alpha Chi Omega has been one of the largest donors to the Women's Center and have built a meaningful partnership. The Alpha Chi Omega foundation works to provide valuable professional development opportunities to Alpha Chi Omegas all over the country. Together, we have contributed over $850,000 to these worthy causes. 

Previously known as the Alpha Chi Omega Fashion Show and Silent Auction, the Real Chic Women Fashion Show has been a tradition at Texas Christian University for over 29 years. In a combined effort with the Women's Center of Tarrant County, the ladies of Iota Lambda have raised over $850,000 to promote Domestic Violence Awareness. There are many ways to participate in giving and help us reach our largest fundraising goal yet! From becoming a Donor as a friend or family member, a Sponsor as a business, or bidding on Silent Auction baskets at the event, you have many ways to support Alpha Chi Omega and Domestic Violence Awareness through our 2021 Fashion Show.

Who do we work with?

How can you help?



Every cent helps. Visit our Donate and Sponsor page for more details on the exact breakdown of where your money goes. 

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Are you a TCU horned frog student? Want to strut your stuff at our virtual fashion show? Contact our Models and Retailers Chair for more details.

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Just attending the virtual show in general means so much to those of us who have put this together. Register today by clicking on the "Register" tab.

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